How It Works

How does the Community Dishes kit work?

A summary:

  • Community groups request to borrow the items they require and the date.
  • The items are borrowed and used at an event in place of single-use disposables.
  • The items are returned washed,dry and clean, in the boxes provided.
  • Items are checked and damaged or lost items are paid for by the group.
  • The number of reusables used /disposables avoided is added to the tally.

Request to borrow:

Groups are welcome to borrow whichever items they need.
(A list of available items can be found here.)

The purpose of the kit is to reduce single-use disposables and use is not restricted to community-only not-for-profit events (although preference will be given to these events). Individuals, local government and local businesses are welcome to request to borrow the kit – just provide a brief summary of your event for consideration.

All the kit items are packed and loaned as boxes of 25 or 50. To request to borrow items, a message should be sent with details of items requested and date required via the contact form. We will let you know if the dishes are available, when they can be collected and when they must be returned. We will send you the terms and conditions of borrowing with confirmation of the loan. Groups must agree to these in writing before items will be loaned.

How the Community Dishes can be used:

As long as the dishes will be returned washed, dried, clean and ready for re-use, in the original (undamaged) boxes, broken or lost items are replaced or paid for, the kit can be borrowed.

Please ensure that the items are used appropriately as detailed in the “conditions of use”.

We ask that during the event you display a sign (provided) explaining the purpose of the Community Dishes kit (reducing landfill waste and litter) and acknowledging Keep Australia Beautiful as funding the project through their Community Litter Grants scheme. Where possible we also ask that you verbally acknowledge the kit and its purpose in an address to the people attending the event.

Finally, we ask that you provide an estimate of items used so we can tally how many single-use disposables have been avoided.

Returning the Community Dishes:

The Community Dishes project is run by volunteers, and we do not have washing up facilities. The kit relies on the people borrowing the dishes to return them ready for re-use. The Community Dishes must be returned washed, dried, clean and ready for re-use in the boxes provided.

The Community Dishes must be returned at the agreed time,and handed over in person so that both the boxes and the items can be checked for damage and missing items.

All breakages must be replaced with the exact item (you can find product descriptions and stockists here). Alternatively, the borrower may pay $6 per item missing or broken in lieu of replacement, and this must be paid immediately on return of the items.

If not already provided, when the dishes are returned, the group should provide an overview of how many items were used at the event.

More details can be found in the “Conditions of Use” doc.